Construction Services & Engineered Equipment Procurement

Metropolitan plans and builds for the Southland’s future. That has been our legacy since our formation nearly 100 years ago. It began with the construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct, considered to be one of the country’s civil engineering wonders. It carries on today with the Pure Water Southern California, formerly known as the Regional Recycled Water Program, which could become one of the largest water recycling projects in the country. 

As regional growth, climate change, and other challenges place new demands on our aging and complex water infrastructure, we take pride in making infrastructure investments to maintain reliability.

Construction Services

Project Labor Agreement:
Our Investment in SoCal Workforce

Our job to provide reliable, high-quality water to the 19 million Southern California in the six counties we serve is bolstered by our long-standing efforts to provide stable jobs and expand opportunities for local and small businesses to work with us.

Our landmark Project Labor Agreement accomplishes that by bringing structure and stability to our construction projects and the billions of dollars Metropolitan will be investing in the coming years to help ensure water supply reliability for our region. Covering about 90 percent of Metropolitan’s planned Capital Investment Plan projects, this agreement ensures fair wages, provides new opportunities for workers across Southern California to be part of the building and construction trades, and helps grow our small business community.

At least 33 future CIP projects  are covered by the PLA, including the regional recycled water project, Pure Water Southern California

We partnered with the construction unions within our service area on this agreement, including the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council, the Tri-County Building and Construction Trades Council (including Ventura County), and the Southwest Mountain States Regional Council of Carpenters.

The PLA became effective after board approval on Oct. 11, 2022, for a term of five years.

Construction Careers Pipeline Program

Building a pool of diverse, qualified employees is critical to Metropolitan’s success. The PLA  creates the Construction Careers Pipeline Program to support local and transitional workers. The framework includes:

  • Recruitment and outreach focusing on equity and diversity
  • Training
  • Career placement
  • Worker support and retention
  • Reporting on our local worker and transitional worker goals

Local Workers

Hiring local helps us better engage the communities we serve. The PLA establishes a 60 percent goal for employment of local workers who live within our service area and those near our construction projects.

As one of the largest local worker employment goals in Southern California, our program also seeks to reach local workers who are underrepresented in the construction industry, including women, veterans, and people of color. 

Transitional Workers and Veterans

As we invest in our water system, we want to ensure we have a positive on those who need it most. 

To that end, the PLA establishes hiring goals for our community members who may be experiencing barriers to employment, or who need support pursuing a construction career. 

Helmets to Hardhats – A Resource for Veterans

As part of our efforts to engage veteran-owned businesses, this agreement promotes the services of Helmets to Hardhats, a non-profit organization that connects veterans with skilled training and quality career opportunities in the construction industry.

Small Business Enterprises & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises

From minority women-owned engineering firms to a two-person virtual reality startup, our Business Outreach Program is helping small businesses across Southern California grow and thrive.

Since the program’s inception two decades ago – one of the first such initiatives in the state –we invested more than $1.5 billion in Southern California’s small, local and disabled veteran-owned businesses.

Metropolitan’s business outreach team works hand in hand with small business owners to put them on the path to success.

The PLA was designed to be complementary to our Business Outreach Program by providing flexibility and construction workforce solutions to Small Business Enterprises and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises.

  • Is a veteran
  • Is an apprentice with less than fifteen percent of the work hours required for completion of the Apprenticeship Program
  • Has no high school diploma or general education diploma (GED)
  • Is homeless or has been homeless within the last year
  • Is a former foster youth
  • Is a custodial single parent
  • Is experiencing protracted unemployment (defined as receiving unemployment benefits for at least three months)
  • Is a current recipient of government cash or food assistance benefits; has a documented income at or below 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Is formerly incarcerated; or
  • Is a graduate of an apprenticeship readiness program to use the multi-craft core curriculum (MC3).

SBE is an independently owned and operated business that isn’t dominant in its field and meets the criteria set by the Small Business Administration in Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 121; or a business that has been certified by the California Office of Small Business and DVBE Services as a Small Business, or a small business for the purpose of public works.

DVBE is an independently owned and operated business that isn’t dominant in its field and meets the criteria set by the Veterans Benefit Act of 2003 (15 USC 657f) and by the California Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Office of Small Business and DVBE Certification.

  • Unique core employee flexibility for non-union SBEs/DVBEs with 25 or fewer employees
  • Many of our smaller construction projects may not be covered by the PLA, and will continue to provide SBE/DVBE incubator
  • opportunities for growth and development to prepare for bidding on larger projects that include the PLA
  • Enhanced MetWorks training opportunities for all contractors, including comprehensive about how to successfully perform work under a PLA and comply with prevailing wage requirements
  • Require our union partners to provide lists of union SBEs/DVBEs for outreach and inclusion in our Capital Investment Plan contracting opportunities
  • Daily support for SBEs/DVBEs through our Small Business Outreach Program and PLA administration team

“Our Project Labor Agreement is a reflection of our commitment to improve communities across the region by providing quality jobs and expanding new opportunities through apprenticeship and training programs.” 

Adel Hagekhalil, Metropolitan General Manager

Construction Services
Crews Excavate
Greg Avenue Pump Station

MetWorks Program


Our Goal

As the nation’s largest water wholesaler, we typically manage 50 public works construction and engineering contracts totaling more than $300 million. With a delivery and treatment system that spans six counties, our projects can be found in communities across Southern California. We have construction and rehabilitation projects that focus on upgrading infrastructure, improvements to water treatment, addition of green energy like solar, as well as contracts through our professional services group who solicit competitive bids to support these and our capital improvement projects.

This program is intended to provide our prospective contractors with an understanding of our high standard of construction requirement, strict compliance procedures and deadlines, specification and submittal requirements, as well as to provide a list of upcoming construction projects and schedule.

Building A Network 

It benefits all of Southern California to maintain a consistent dialogue and strong network with our Southern California contractor community.  This program brings opportunities for mutual collaboration and provide transparency throughout the entire construction and procurement process.  

How It Works 

Metropolitan will hold a series of quarterly construction workshops that will provide opportunities to effectively work together and share information about upcoming contracting opportunities. 

Click here to view a video that explains this program.

Click here to view materials from our archived workshops.

 We engineer solutions that can accomplish what only a regional entity can do.

Minimum Requirements

Most of our solicitations require that prime contractors possess valid California contractor license(s) and have a minimum required level of experience and insurance. Contractors also may be required to attend a mandatory pre-bid conference as noted in the Notice Inviting Bid. 

​All Metropolitan construction contracts over $100,000 include a small and/or disabled veteran business enterprise subcontractor usage requirement, unless waived.

Jensen Water Treatment Plant Control Room Wildfire Smoke Control
Spec No. 2054
Bids Open: 03/27/2024
Approximate Construction Value: $232,000 to $277,000
Mandatory Prebid Conference: 02/27/2024 10:00 AM (PST)


Santa Monica Feeder Cathodic Protection
Spec No 1963A
Bids Open: 04/09/2024
Approximate Construction Value: $670,000 to $950,000
Mandatory Prebid Conference: 03/19/2024 09:00 AM (PST)

Furnish 69kV and 230kV Power Transformers for the Colorado River Aqueduct Pumping Plants
RFP 1360
Bids Open: 05/16/2024
Approximate Construction Value: $40M to $60M

CRA Employee Housing Abatement, Demolition, and Roof Replacement
Spec 2064
March 2024


Rialto Pipeline Rehabilitation
Spec 2058
March 2024


Lake Mathews Aboveground Storage Tank Replacement
Spec 2055
April 2024


CRA Pumping Plants (Hinds, Eagle, Iron Mtn) Playground Shade Structures and Fencing
Spec 2081
April 2024


Delta Infrastructure Improvements-Phase 5
Spec 2082
April 2024


Headquarters Courtyard and Parking Garage WiFi Upgrades
Spec M-3065
April 2024


Jensen Technology Infrastructure Upgrades
Spec 1993
April 2024


Cabazon Radial Gate Facility Improvements
Spec 2075
April 2024


Furnishing One 42-Inch Stainless Steel Sleeve Valve for Auld Valley and Red Mountain Control Structures
Spec 2098
April 2024


Eagle Mountain & Hinds Utility Replacement
Spec 1935A
May 2024


Sepulveda Feeder Drain Station
Spec 1983
May 2024


CRA Pumping Plants Sump Rehabilitation
Spec 2008
May 2024


Copper Basin Reservoir Valve Replacement
Spec 1947
May 2024


Foothill Power Plant Rehabilitation - Control System Upgrade
Spec 1869
May 2024


Red Mountain and San Dimas Generators
Spec 1886
May 2024


Lakeview Pipeline Pipe Storage Area Security Fencing
Spec M-3071
May 2024


Right of Way Infrastructure Protection Program - San Bernardino County Pipelines - West - Stage 2
Spec 2006
June 2024

Gene Pumping Plant Urgent Security Improvements
Spec No. M-3073
Bids Open: 12/12/2023


Furnishing a 132" Butterfly Valve for Foothill Pump Station Intertie
Spec No. 2096
Bids Open: 12/19/2023


Furnishing a Brushless Motor Exciter System for Gene Pumping Plant Unit
Spec No. 2056
Bids Open: 12/19/2023

E. Weymouth Filtration Plant Hazardous Waste Staging and Containment
Spec No. 1992
Bids Open: 12/21/2023


Furnishing Slide Gates for San Diego Canal East Bypass
Spec No. 2029
Bids Open: 01/30/2024

E. Weymouth Water Treatment Plant Asphalt Refurbishment
Spec No. 2018
Bids Open: 01/31/2024


Metropolitan Headquarters Building Third Floor Interior Modifications
Spec No. 2103
Bids Open: 02/27/2024

Protest procedures for our competitive solicitations can be found here.

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